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Daylight Company - Specialty Lighting Technology - Hobby and Craft LightingDaylight Company is the market-leading brand of specialty lighting technology for the hobby industry across Europe and is well on their way to making Daylight the No.1 brand for craft lighting. Their aim is to bring Daylight™ light indoors and give the user the opportunity to get more out of their hobby or work.

Q Source has been a distributor of Daylight products since 2010.


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Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp - White

Daylight Company UN1062 - Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp - White

Regular Price: $75.00
Q Price: $62.50

The Daylight UN1062 Naturalight™ is perfect for reading and working at a table. The powerful 27W Full Spectrum Naturalight tube will light up any large surfaces and give you the best color rendering ever.

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