MicroCare MCC-CDIW - ScreenClean™ Ink Remover Wipe - 8" x 5" - 100/Tub

MicroCare Corporation MCC-CDIW ScreenClean Ink Remover Wipe - 8" x 5" - 100/Tub - 12 Tubs/Case - Q Source
MicroCare Corporation
Manufacturer Part #: MCC-CDIW
Manufacturer: MicroCare Corporation
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The MicroCare MCC-CDIW ScreenClean™ Ink Remover Wipes may be the industry's best-selling choice for cleaning inks and thick-film pastes. This cleaner combines the proven, safe and effective cleaning of hydrocarbon solvents with a convenient, time-saving presaturated wipe package from MicroCare. It is an excellent replacement for methylene chloride, acetone, or other ink removing solvents. Naturally, ScreenClean™ is ESD-safe and residue-free. It is generally plastic-safe but has a fairly high VOC component. The product is ozone-safe with a nominal global warming factor. The aroma is modest, and most people describe it as a slightly sweet or "woodsy" smell. The cleaner is a true time-saver, boosting productivity and reducing cleaning costs.

Importantly, the MicroCare MCC-CDIW ScreenClean Wipes come with MicroCare's unique "slam-shut" packaging. Most companies make their presat wipes using loosely-fitting packaging that allows the solvent to dry out over time. But MicroCare's presat wipes are hermetically sealed and have the industry's longest shelf-life. And, once you have opened the package and removed a wipe, the spring-loaded dispenser slams shut, trapping the next wipe and the solvent inside the tub. This minimizes evaporation and keeps the wipe wet for months and months.

Benefits & Features of the MicroCare MCC-CDIW ScreenClean™ Ink Remover Wipe:

  • Excellent replacement of methylene chloride, acetone, or other ink removing solvents
  • ESD-safe
  • Residue-free
  • Plastic safe but fairly high VOC coponent
  • Ozone-safe with nominal global warming factor
  • Unique "slam shut" packaging

Specifications of the MicroCare MCC-CDIW ScreenClean™ Ink Remover Wipe:

  • Cleaning Strength (Kb): 115 (est)
  • Specific Gravity (@ 25°C): 0.88
  • Surface Tension (dynes/cm): 17
  • Toxicity (ppm, 8-hr. TWA, AEL): 400
  • Flashpoint (TCC): 48.9°C / 120°F
  • Safety Rating: Combustible
  • Ozone Impact: Zero
  • Organic Content (g/L): 785
  • REACH and ELINCS Compliant: Yes
  • RoHS and WEEE Compliant: Yes
  • NFPA Ratings: Health=1, Fire=2, Reactivity=0
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