Hakko FR-1012B InfraRed Preheater

Hakko FR1012B-01 FR-1012B InfraRed Preheater - Q Source
SKU: FR1012B-01-H001
Manufacturer Part #: FR1012B-01
Manufacturer: Hakko

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The Hakko FR-1012B-01 infrared board heater is a bench-top board heater designed to elevate the temperature of printed circuit board assemblies so that components on them can be soldered and de-soldered more easily, and with improved results. This is particularly useful on medium- to high-mass board assemblies, which can ""heat-sink"" a significant amount of energy being supplied by a soldering iron tip, or handheld hot-air tool. This tool is particularly useful when soldering Pb-free assemblies.

The FR-1012B operates in either of two modes, Power Mode or T/C (Thermocouple) Mode. Power Mode allows the user to set the output of the unit manually. When running in this mode, the unit will output the set percentage of power, regardless of the T/C actual value. A thermocouple is not required in this mode, but may be used to monitor the actual board temperature.

T/C Mode allows the user to set the desired temperature (50-180°C/122-356°F) of the PCB for closed-loop control of the temperature using the T/C input. A Type-K thermocouple must be secured to the PCB and plugged into the unit’s T/C jack for this mode to operate. When running in this mode, the unit will apply 100% power until the board reaches 10°C below the set temperature. The unit will then start PID control to regulate the power output of the heater to hold the PCB at the set temperature.

The FR-1012B array is divided into four separate switched zones for smaller PCBs used in devices similar to PDAs and cell phones.

Benefits & Features of the :

  • Elevates the temperature of printed circuit boards
  • Operates in either power mode or T/C (thermalcouple) mode
  • Four separate switched zones
  • Useful in soldering Pb-free assemblies

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