Static Solutions CT-8925-PROMO - Ohm-Stat Combo Wrist & Foot Strap Tester w/Footplate - Software - 10 Wrist Straps & 10 Heel Grounders - PROMO ITEM

Static Solutions CT-8925 - Ohm-Stat Deluxe Combo Wrist & Foot Strap Tester w/Footplate - Software
Static Solutions, Inc.
SKU: CT-8925-PROMO-S022
Manufacturer Part #: CT-8925-PROMO
Manufacturer: Static Solutions, Inc.
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FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING* THRU 10/31/17 - The Static Solutions CT-8925 Ohm-Stat Deluxe Combo Wrist and Foot Strap Tester individually and simultaneously tests, prints, stores, and e-mails each wrist strap and heel grounder resistivity value in less than 3 seconds. Used at manufacturing companies internationally and domestically, it offers adjustable limits, exact resistivity readings, unique report generation groups, versatile networking options, an expandable employee log of 30,000 and is foolproof.

It accepts magnetic stripe, barcode, Motorola, Indala, HID, HID iClass, Casi-Rusco, AWID etc. ID cards as well as keyboard entry. Complete with user-friendly software, this unit is the most accurate and thorough combination-data logger available on the market. Ideal for EOS 20/20 class zero and RoHS specified areas.

Please Note: This item is a promotional item and includes the CT-8925 with 10 wrist straps and 10 heel grounders

Included with the Static Solutions CT-8925-PROMO Ohm-Stat Combo Wrist & Foot Strap Tester w/Footplate:

  • Tester
  • Footplate
  • Software
  • Certificate of calibration (Good for one year)

Benefits & Features of the Static Solutions CT-8925-PROMO Ohm-Stat Combo Wrist & Foot Strap Tester w/Footplate:

  • Once or twice per day employee failure exception reports
  • Monthly, daily, entire log
  • ESD training certification expiration
  • Employee attendance/vacation
  • Logs are easily imported into spreadsheet/database programs
  • Accepts and displays international dates/times
  • Software and employee information can be password protected
  • Able to prevent unauthorized entry with-out proper ID/ESD certification
  • Can be upgraded to allow electronically locked doors to open, or bells to ring, when users pass a test
  • Low costs
  • Tests wrist strap and heel grounders individually and simultaneously
  • Footplate included
  • No switch flipping or foot changing
  • Eliminates cheating
  • Automatic calibration, adjustable resistivity limits
  • Large full color pass/fail result message is easily viewed on monitor
  • Opens doors
  • Prints labels
  • Connects easily with LAN networks-data is safe if network fails
  • Measures from 100 kilohms to 100 megohms with an option to 1000 megohms
  • Conforms to US EOS-20/20 standard and European standard
  • Accepts up to 30,000 employees as many times per day (expandable), automatic download and email of data
  • Notifies user when a yearly ESD re-certification is due
  • New employees are easily added through a series of prompts
  • Compatible with Microsoft 95, 98, ME, WINNT, and Windows 2000 operating systems
  • Used worldwide, made in the USA
  • Can use Oracle, Access, or Excel databases
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