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MicroCare Corporation MCC-VDX DuraGlide Dry Lubricant Spray - 12 oz. - Q Source

The MicroCare MCC-VDX DuraGlide™ Dry Film Lubricant Spray is a fast-evaporating spray that delivers a high-quality precision lubricant. It's primary advantages are that the dry, Teflon-like spray stays where you put it -- it's doesn't drip or migrate onto other surfaces. It also is completely safe on all types of plastics, so it's widely used in medical devices. Today, after years of service, non-toxic and nonflammable DuraGlide™ Spray is still a great choice for cost-effective precision lubrication. Note: this product is not Trigger Grip™ compatible but is suitable for use with the StatZap™ if the application is ESD-sensitive.

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Xcelite MS543JVN - Tapered/Relieved Flush Cutter - Cushion Grip - 4"

The Xcelite MS543JVN Relieved Tapered Head Cutter with Green Cushioned Grips are a diagonal cutting plier with a flush cut, which is made for use between closely spaced components.

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