3M Model 724 Constant ESD Workstation Monitor - On the Bench

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Hi, and welcome back to Q Source's "On the Bench" video series. My name is Gus. David Leventhal, our 3M rep, recently stopped by to show us how easy it is to set up and use the 3M 724 Workstation Monitor.

Hi, I'm David Leventhal, I'm here at Q Source today. I am the local 3M rep for their static control products. I'm with Restronics the local manufacturer's rep for 3M.

We're here today to talk about the 3M Model 724 Constant ESD Monitor…that's this unit here. The 3M Monitor monitors two operators and the worksurface at all times.

The mat or the bench is grounded using a ground cord from a snap to electrical ground. The monitor comes with a ground cord for the monitor and the wrist strap jack. So if you look at the monitor, if the ground becomes disconnected at any point, you see a visual and hear an audible alarm indicating that it is no longer grounded until I address that issue.

So, not only does it monitor the worksurface at all times, but it also monitors two operators at all times. If I plug my wrist strap into operator number 1, you see it's green. If, for some reason, I have high skin resistance, or I'm not properly wearing my wrist strap, you'll notice that it will alarm again both audible and visual alarm until I put my wrist strap back on and make sure it's connected properly. It will then go back to green.

So, the monitor and the monitor ground and the operator jack come with the 724. You can also get the optional 733 Remote Jack for a second operator. Plug it in there and now I'm grounded. You'll notice the unit shows operator number 2 is connected, and if that becomes disconnected a different audible alarm sounds so you'll know the difference. It will monitor two operators at the same time. So, I'm at operator number two, I can put it in operator number one and it's monitoring two operators at the same time. It will tell you whether operator one or operator two is connected properly.

To install the unit, you have to make sure your mat or bench is grounded properly, initially. The monitor then requires a second ground, which is here on the mat. So, we have two snaps either on the bench worksurface or on the mat. Then, additionally, we have the ability to plug in the Model 732, which comes with the 724. This is for operator one, and their optional Model 733, which is again a phono plug, plugs in to now allow a second operator to be monitored at the same time.

On the bottom of the unit we have an audible alarm volume control. And on the side of the unit we can control the sensitivity, either 9 or 16 volts test circuitry and 10 or 35 megohms test circuitry.

There are a variety of wrist strap band options. There's a fabric band, an adjustable plastic band, and metal or Speidel bands for the 3M 724. All of the wrist straps with these constant monitors are dual conductor wrist straps, so they will not accept the standard banana plug jack. They require special cords and matching wrist straps, which are two-wire. They look the same to an operator, however, they are two-wire because they complete a loop where we are testing the operator at all times.

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