Akro-Mils Indicator™ Bins for 5S Process & Lean Manufacturing - On the Bench

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Hi, I'm Gus. Welcome to Q Source's "On the Bench" video series. Today we'll be taking a quick look at how Akro-Mils Indicator Bins provide an easy and low-cost solution for visual inventory control.

Akro-Mils Indicator Bins offer a quick, visual solution for 5S and other Lean inventory control initiatives. Part of Akro-Mils' BinTelligence Series, the two-toned bins are easy to use allowing users to "Stock, Pick, Flip, and Replenish."

First, stock the bin using a divider to indicate the volume of the inventory reserve.

Then, pick from the blue side of the bin until reaching the divider.

Next, flip the bin to the orange side to indicate inventory is low.

Finally, replenish the bin, turn it back to the blue side, and repeat.

Akro-Mils Indicator Bins are currently available in two sizes with corresponding dividers available separately. When used as part of 5S and other Lean Manufacturing systems, Indicator Bins provide an innovative, low-cost alternative to high-end inventory control systems.

For further information about Akro-Mils Indicator Bins and other Lean solutions please visit QSource.com.

That was "On the Bench's" look at Akro-Mils Indicator Bins. Thanks for watching and look out for our next video at QSource.com and on our YouTube Channel.

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