Atrix International Vacuum Warranty Information

Atrix International Vacuum Warranty InformationAll vacuums manufactured and supplied by Atrix are warranted to be in good operating condition when first removed from the shipping box. This means the vacuum will work when plugged in, that there are no missing parts, and that there are no material defects with respect to the vacuum, utensils, and filter. It is Atrix's responsibility to replace any parts that are missing or display any degree of material defects.

Once accepted, the vacuums will carry a limited warranty, excluding the utensils and filters, as follows:

Vacuum Model Warranty Period
Omega and Omega Supreme Toner Vacuums 3 Years
All Omega and Supreme HEPA/ULPA Vacuums *Out of Box
UltiVac and Menda Vacuums 3 Years
Clean Room Vacuum 18 Months
Hand Held Mighty Might Vacuum 1 Year
MENDA HEPA Vacuums *Out of Box
Power Vacuum 18 Months
Express Vacuums 18 Months
UltiVac Junior Vacuum 18 Months
HCTV Vacuum 18 Months
Mighty Mouth Vacuum 1 Year
Utensils 30 Days

The Atrix limited warranty means the customer will pay for the return of the vacuum and Atrix will repair it and pay for the return freight to the customer. This applies to only the vacuum and the motor.

*Due to possible hazardous material in HEPA and ULPA vacuums, replacement parts will be sent out during the warranty period.

The forgoing is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Purchase or use of these vacuum products constitutes and agreement with the seller and/or the manufacturer that, if the product proves defective or in any way unsuitable, Sellers and Manufacturer's limit of liability for all damages, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages, and Users or Purchaser's exclusive remedy, regardless of legal theory, including theories of breech of warranty, negligence and strict liability, shall be to receive, at Seller's or Manufacturer's option repair of the defective product or equivalent quantity of replacement products or a refund of the purchase price.

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