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Brady BMP®71 Ribbon/Label Material Matrix

Brady BMP71 Ribbon Label MaterialNeed to find the right ribbon to use with a particular label material for your Brady BMP71 Label Printer? With over 400 label options and dozens of label materials to choose from is can get a little confusing. These tables should clear things up a bit. Just find the Brady Material Number for the labels you have and you'll find the ribbons that will work with it.

Brady BMP71 Ribbons

Brady Part # Color Size
M71-R4300 Black 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6000 Black 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6200 Black 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6400 Black 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6600 Black 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R4400-WT White 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6800-WT White 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6900-RD Red 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6900-BL Blue 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6900-GR Green 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6900-MA Magenta 150' (45.72 m)
M71-R6900-YL Yellow 150' (45.72 m)

Brady BMP71 Ribbon/Label Material Matrix

Material #
Material BMP®71 Ribbons
B-109 Tag
B-145 Tag
B-145FR Tag
B-321* Polyolefin
B-341 Polyolefin
B-342 Polyolefin
B-345* High Temp Sleeve
B-351 Vinyl
B-352 Vinyl
B-353* Paper
B-390* Polypropylene
B-412 Polypropylene
B-422 Polyester UL
B-423 Polyester UL
B-424 Paper
B-425 Polyimide
B-426 Polyimide
B-427 Vinyl UL
B-428 Polyester UL
B-430 Polyester UL
B-432* Polyester UL
B-433* Polyester UL
B-435* Polyester UL
B-439* Vinyl
B-457 Polyimide UL
B-459 Polyester UL
B-461 Polyester
B-473 Polyester UL
B-477 Polyimide UL
B-478 Polyimide UL
B-479* Polyimide UL
B-481* Polyester
B-483 Polyester UL
B-486 Polyester UL
B-488 Polyester UL
B-489 Polyester UL
B-490* Polyester
B-495* Polyethylene Napthalate UL
B-498 Vinyl Cloth
B-499 Nylon Cloth UL
B-529 Polypropylene
B-530 Tamper Resistant
B-581 Vinyl
B-582 Phosphorescent
B-584 Reflective
B-593 Polyester
B-595 Vinyl
B-7531* Metalized Polyester
B-7536* Polyester
B-7546* Tamper-Evident Polyester UL
B-7551* Polyester
B-7566* Tamper-Evident Polyester
B-7576* Tamper-Evident Metalized Polyester UL
B-7593* Polyethelene
B-7596* Vinyl
B-7597* Polyethelene
B-7599* Polyethelene Tag
B-7643* Thermosplastic Polyether Polyurethane
B-7696* Vinyl Tag
B-8425* Polypropylene UL
*TLS®2200 materials that can be used in the BMP®71 Label Printer.
Recommended ribbon for use with respective material.
Acceptable ribbon for use with respective material.
UL - These materials are UL recognized with its respective ribbon.
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