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Welcome back. My name is Gus and this is Q Source's "On the Bench." Jim LaFrance, from Excelta Corporation, is here to explain what makes Excelta's Five-Star line of tweezers such a superior tool.

My name is Jim LaFrance from Excelta Corp. I'm here at Q Source on Long Island, who is one of our distributors…actually the distributor in the area. Today, I'd like to talk a little about tweezers.

If you know anything about Excelta you know that Excelta is tweezers. We're the largest supplier of tweezers in the United States and have been for the last 50 years.

Today, I'd like to tell you why we're the largest. In the standard tweezer world, people know the 3C tweezer or a 2A tweezer as a standard tweezer. We have five different quality grades of a standard tweezer.

Now you would say why would you have five different quality grades. Well the most important part of a tweezer is the tip. How precise is the tip? How exact is it?

If you're working on a bench, and you're not using any magnification, a $4 3C tweezer is just fine…that will do the job for you. But if you're working under 100X magnification and you need tips that exactly meet, our Five-Star 3C, the same style, is the way to go.

First of all, it's only 1 mm thick, while the One-Star tweezer is 1.5 mm thick. The 1 mm thick allows you to close it a lot easier. When you're under 50X magnification, and you tell your tweezer I want to close, you want it to close real easy.

Second of all, the tips on the Five-Star Cobaltima tweezer are extremely fine. It doesn't get any finer. They also have raised inside edges so if you're doing wire bonding it won't nick the wire. They will stand up to a 1,000 degrees F so you can solder with them; it has no effect on the component. And they have a 63/65 Rockwell hardness at the tip. And some elasticity, which means if you bend the tip you can actually bend the tip back to where it was before.

Difference in cost, this is about $100, this is about $4. Huge difference in cost. But when you're working under 100X magnification it doesn't matter what it cost. If the tweezer doesn't work, and the tip isn't exactly right, you can't achieve what you need to achieve.

So, when you're looking for tweezers, or if you're using tweezers and the tweezer you have isn't pointy enough or isn't exact enough, with Excelta you have five different quality grades. You can go up one grade, two grades, three grades…whatever you need.

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