Hakko FX-8804-CK Hot Tweezer Kit for the Hakko FX-888 - On the Bench

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Hi, I'm Gus. Welcome to Q Source's "On the Bench" video series. This time, we'll be previewing the Hakko FX-8804-CK Hot Tweezer Upgrade Kit for the FX-888.

The Hakko FX-8804-CK kit is one of the first major add-ons for, and can only be used with, the Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station.

The kit contains the FX-8804 Hot Tweezers and the FH-800-02BY Tweezer Holder, which features the same blue color scheme seen on the FX-888. The A1378 Tip, a Cleaning Sponge, and a Tip Alignment Block are also included.

The Hakko FX-8804-CK is similar to Hakko's 950-CK Hot Tweezer Kit, but the unit has the proper connection and heaters for the FX-888.

The FX-8804 Hot Tweezers provide the FX-888 Soldering Station with the option for adding SMT repair and the ability to rework passive devices using a variety of optional tip sets. All the tips that are available for the 950 will also work with the FX-8804.

For further information, or to order the Hakko FX-8804-CK Hot Tweezer Upgrade Kit, please visit QSource.com.

You can learn more about the FX-888 in our "Unboxing the Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station" video on our YouTube Channel.

That was the "On the Bench" preview of the Hakko FX-8804-CK Hot Tweezer Upgrade Kit. Thanks for watching and look out for our next video at QSource.com and on our YouTube Channel.

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