JBC Tools CD-1BB Advanced Series Soldering Station - On the Bench

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Hello again, my name is Gus. Welcome back to Q Source's "On the Bench." In this episode, John Sullivan, our rep for JBC Tools will be talking about the JBC CD Advanced Series Soldering Station.

Hello, my name is John Sullivan with Wilson Industries. I am the manufacturer's rep for JBC Tools. Q Source is a distributor for JBC Tools.

I'd like to talk to you about the CD-1BB Soldering Station for general electronics use. This station comes complete with a handpiece, two tips, and the control unit.

The ability to quickly change tip geometry for what you may be soldering can be done very quickly and you're back to full temperature within a matter of three seconds. This allows you to always make sure that each time you change the tip that you are working with the proper pad size.

The one tip will cover all temperature ranges. The temperature is variable--ranging all the way up to 450˚ C down from a low of 90˚. The housing is ESD safe.

The T-245 handpiece comes with two tips: A C245-903 Conical and a C245-741 Chisel Tip. This weighs 62 grams and it is a 50-watt handpiece, as I said. It will cover a wide range of applications within that temperature range that it has.

There is the ability to plug a wrist strap in at the rear of the unit also for an operator. And as I said earlier, it is ESD safe.

The ability to fix the temperature or change temperature is easily done. The operator can be locked out if you want the operator soldering at one particular temperature or within a range.

The ability for it to sleep when it goes back in the cradle happens automatically and, again, it goes back to full temperature when taken out of the cradle within a three-second time, typically. The sleep mode with this unit gives you five times the tip life because the tip is not sitting cooking in the cradle. The system uses so little power that it should pay for itself within the span of a year, considering today's electric prices.

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