Metro Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta® Mobile Wire Shelving Unit Assembly - On the Bench

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Hi, I'm Gus. Welcome to Q Source's "On the Bench" video series. In this video, we're in the warehouse, where we'll present a quick tutorial showing how fast and easy it is to assemble a Metro Super Adjustable 2 Super Erecta Mobile Wire Shelving Cart.

Today, we'll be assembling a Metro Super Adjustable 2 Super Erecta Mobile Shelving Unit, consisting of: four wire shelves, four posts, two brake casters, two swivel casters, four donut bumpers, a color I.D. tube, and enough split sleeves for each shelf. You can easily add or remove shelves on your cart to suit your needs. We have everything we need here, so let's begin.

First, slide the donut bumpers onto the four posts. You'll notice we're not using any tools...that's how easy it is to assemble a Metro shelving unit.

Next, attach the casters to the four posts.

Add the split sleeves at the desired height of the first shelf. Please note that the split sleeves are also available in a gray, ESD-safe version. A complete static-safe unit can be achieved by adding optional ESD-safe clasps, split sleeves, and a ground chain.

Now slide the first shelf onto the posts. Using two people makes the assembly process quicker and easier. Make sure that the brake casters are on the same side of the shelf. Turn the split sleeve to a 45-degree angle so that the flat spot will line up with the clasp and then lock the shelf in place. Repeat this step for each of the posts.

Tip the cart upright onto its casters and repeat the process for the desired number of shelves. Metro Super Erecta Posts have numbered grooves at 1-inch intervals and a double-groove every 8 inches, making it simple to set the height of each shelf.
Because we're using Metro Super Adjustable 2 shelves, adjusting shelf height later is as simple as releasing the clasps and moving the split sleeves to the new height.

Before we add the top shelf, let's slide on a color I.D. tube. Color I.D. tubes are available in a variety of colors and are helpful to indicate the contents of a shelf or for use in visual inventory control systems.

We finish up by attaching the top shelf of our cart. And there it is, a complete Metro Super Adjustable 2 Mobile Shelving Unit ready to load and be moved easily around your facility.

That was "On the Bench's" step-by-step assembly tutorial for the Metro Super Adjustable 2 Super Erecta Mobile Wire Shelving Cart.

For further information about this and other Metro storage solutions, please visit the Metro Wire Shelving Department at or call one of our helpful experts at 800-966-6020.

Check back soon for our next video at and on our YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!

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