MicroCare MCC-CBCSK Circuit Board Cleaning Station - On the Bench

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Hi, welcome to Q Source's "On the Bench" video series. In this video, Ed Roth, our MicroCare representative, will be showing us MicroCare's Circuit Board Cleaning Station…an economical collection of MicroCare's most popular items for SMT board cleaning.

My name is Ed Roth, I'm the local representative from MicroCare and we're in the offices of Q Source, Inc. in Bohemia, NY. We're here to introduce MicroCare's new Circuit Board Cleaning System.

MicroCare's Circuit Board Cleaning System includes all of the following: An ESD Trigger Grip, solvent, bench mounting kit, lint-free wipes, and tie wraps to mount all of the hardware necessary to make this system ergonomically useful for the operator.

MicroCare chose SuprClean for our solvent of choice for this system. SuprClean is non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and effective for removing flux residues and most conformal coatings.

To hook up the Trigger Grip to the MicroCare can, which, in fact, is patented, break the top cap, insert the nozzle (short side in first, long side in second), and that's all there is to do to pressurize the solvent with the Trigger Grip (the Trigger Grip, by the way, is ESD-safe).

Once the Trigger Grip is attached to the can it can remain there indefinitely. The bench mounting kit includes the can holder, which would be mounted to the side of the table, along with the Trigger Grip holder, which would also be mounted to the side of the table. Once the Trigger Grip is attached to the can, the Trigger Grip is pressurized and one only needs to squeeze the trigger to dispense solvent.

The process of cleaning is very, very simple: wet, scrub, rinse, and blow dry. Or, for hard to reach places or where you don't want the residue running down the board, you can clean through the lint-free wipe and the flux residue will be on the bottom side of the lint-free wipe.

This method of cleaning reduces the consumption of solvent by about 50%. The brush is removable, there are alternative brushes that are longer, shorter, softer, harder, and which will work very effectively depending on what the need is.

The can of solvent and the Trigger Grip remain in the bench mounting kit and remain attached to each other until such time as the solvent in the can is consumed at which time we replace the can with a new one. And, again, your savings should be on the order of about 50% over alternative methods of bench-top cleaning.

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