MicroCare MCC-OTXCK Optixx Precision Lens & Instrument Cleaning Kit - On the Bench

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GUS LUGTEN: Welcome to "On the Bench," brought to you by Q Source. I'm Gus.

Harris Towne from MicroCare Corporation came in to demonstrate a new product, the Optixx Precision Lens & Instrument Cleaning Kit.

HARRIS TOWNE: Hello, my name is Harris Towne with MicroCare Corporation. I'm at our local distributor, Q Source, on Long Island, NY. I'm here to present our new product, Optixx Cleaner.

This material comes in two forms: It comes with a high-modulus wipe. Basically, the wipe material is very soft, very delicate and will not scratch any type of lenses on cameras, vision equipment, microscope lenses that type of thing.

Then we have the optical-grade cleaning fluid, which we developed specifically for this application. This is a non-pressurized pump spray and, basically, what you do is you spray it onto your wipe and then you take it to your lens and then you're going to clean your lens thoroughly. This will not leave any type of lint or particulate or anything on the lens. It cleans it thoroughly.

Again, the optical material specifically designed for this application is non-flammable and non-pressurized. So, it can be taken on a commercial aircraft and shipped via plane anywhere in the world without hazmat cost.

So, again, just to show you how this works…the wipes come out like this. You spray a little material on and then you clean your lens. For the microscope lenses don't forget to clean both sides. And you're done.

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