O.C. White Green-Lite™ LED Magnifier in Awareness Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness - On the Bench

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Welcome to Q Source's "On the Bench" video series. My name is Gus. In this episode we'll take a look at an excellent product that inspires us to think about a very important cause: O.C. White's "Awareness Pink" Green-Lite Rectangular LED Magnifier.

The "Awareness Pink" model of O.C. White's Green-Lite LED Magnifiers came about through a combination of customer requests for the color pink, and a nod toward the importance of breast cancer awareness.

Pink is the adopted color of the breast cancer awareness movement and, with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an excellent product like this helps shine a light on such an important cause.

The "Awareness Pink" Magnifier offers the same great features as O.C. White's entire line of Green-Lites. Let's take a closer look.

This ESD-safe and RoHS-compliant magnifier has a three-way adjustable head, which allows you to aim bright, shadowless light wherever it's needed. With just a twist of the knobs you can move the head up and down – left and right – and side to side.

Featuring "next-generation", Energy Star-compliant, surface mount LEDs, O.C. White's Green-Lite Magnifiers consume less power, while producing more light, less glare, and longer-lasting performance.

After pressing the Power Button to turn the unit on, you can use a combination of the Sequence Button and the Power Button to adjust the light precisely to your needs.

By pressing and holding the Power Button, you can easily adjust the brightness of the light.

Pressing the Sequence Button will cycle through the LED groups allowing you to select all of the lights on, just the sides, left or right side, or just the top row. Your settings are remembered the next time you turn the unit on and remain that way until changed.

The O.C. White "Awareness Pink" Green-Lite LED Magnifier is available in a 4-diopter model and offers the biggest lens in the industry made of precision ground, optical-grade glass.

The slim build of this attractive magnifier boasts patented "Elite" arms, which tout a worldwide standard in holding power. Steel arm components and high-quality die-cast aluminum shades also provide ESD safety.

O.C. White's Green-Lite LED Magnifiers are made in the USA and offer a best-in-the-business 10-year mechanical warranty and a pro-rated LED warranty of 5-years/50,000 hours.

For a quality illuminated magnifier, that also serves as a meaningful reminder for breast cancer awareness...think "Awareness Pink."

For further information, or to place an order, please visit the O.C. White Green-Lite Store at QSource.com or give us a call at 800-966-6020.

That was "On the Bench's" look at O.C. White's "Awareness Pink" LED Magnifier. Check back soon for our next video at QSource.com and on our YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!

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