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Hello and welcome to Q Source's "On the Bench" video series. I’m Gus and this is one of our New York Territory Account Specialists, Jason Kuhlken. In this episode, Jason will demonstrate how quick and easy it is to create barcode labels using the Brady BMP™71 Label Printer.

The Brady BMP71 is a portable 300 dpi thermal label printer featuring a variety of built-in applications accessible at the push of a button.

Let's see how easy it is to create a barcode label.

The BMP71's extensive barcode settings allow for the printing of two of the most popular barcode types: Code 39 and Code 128. Press the "SETUP" button and choose "BARCODE" and then customize the label by choosing the ratio, height, width, whether it contains human readable text, and if it uses a check digit.

After configuring the barcode settings press the "OK" button. Hit the "CLEAR/ESCAPE" button to return to the main screen and now we’re ready to enter the barcode data.

Enter the text for the barcode using the QWERTY keyboard. The full-size, color screen makes it easy to see how the label will look when printed.

Press the "PRINT" button when ready to create the label. The BMP71's 1.5" per second printing speed means that our barcode label is ready in a matter of seconds.

Printing a series of labels is just as quick and easy. From the main screen press the "BARCODE" button and then press the "SERIAL" button.

After entering the starting and ending values and pressing "OK" the label series is created automatically and is ready to print.

There you go, barcode labeling made easy. For further information about the Brady BMP71 Label Printer, or to place an order, please visit The Brady BMP71 Store at

Q Source offers seven different BMP71 pacakges, plus all the labels, ribbons, and accessories needed for a complete portable printing solution.

That was "On the Bench’s" look at barcode labeling with the Brady BMP71 Label Printer. Thanks for watching. Check back soon for our next video at and on our YouTube Channel.

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