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Hi, I'm Gus, and this is another episode of Q Source's "On the Bench" video series. This time around, Q Source is proud to offer this exclusive first look at Swanstrom Tools new M-Series Medical Grade Cutters.  

Okay, let's cut right to the chase - the Swanstrom M-Series Medical-Grade Cutters distinguish themselves from other cutters by providing long-lasting performance and precision cutting results for all hard-wire and medical device manufacturing applications. 

These ESD-safe cutters feature a low-profile screw system, full polish radius edges, and multiple open stops. They're offered with a choice standard or ergonomic handles, a variety of head shapes, and several cutting edges, including beveled, flush, full flush, and semi-flush. 

Where other cutters fail after only a few cuts, the Swanstrom M-Series are up to the challenge of repeated use, even when faced with the hardest materials such as: Nitinol, Tungsten, and Vectran. 

Diversely useful, Swanstrom M-Series Cutters are excellent for a variety of applications including: stents, mandrels, catheters, and guide wires.

Because these tools are so durable, we felt they deserved their own department on our website. Head on over to QSource.com, go to the Departments menu, and you'll find the Swanstrom M-Series Medical-Grade Cutters Department. We've also created a Flickr page with a selection of images of these ground-breaking new cutters. 

Find out for yourself why we're so excited about these amazing new tools. Check them out on QSource.com or speak with one of our experts. Just call 800-966-6020 and they'll help you find the proper M-Series cutters for your applications. 

That was "On the Bench's" exclusive look at Swanstrom Tools' M-Series Medical-Grade Cutters. Check back soon for our next video at QSource.com and on our YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!

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