IAC industries has been serving a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, assembly, defense, medical and pharmaceutical to much more with superior service and with one mission in mind. IAC’s sole mission to improve the end user’s organization, function and environment stand taller than others with innovations over the years such as multi-part aluminum uprights on the Dimension 4 Series workstations, the unique power distribution system for versatile power control, and by staffing a certified ergonomist to assure maximum usability in all workbench designs.

IAC Industries provides a commitment to quality with 100% of their products being manufactured in their facilities where all processes meet or exceed industry specification for quality. Their key design, manufacturing and customer service management represents 70 years of combined experience in the workstation industry. Their manufacturing facility meets Class A specifications and features in-house operations for sheet metal fabrication using dedicated tooling, frame welding, laminating and finish, and a state-of-the-art powder paint bay.

IAC offers many different configurators for all their product lines. Please select a configurator from the list below to build a bench specific to any application.


IAC Dimension 4 Workstation

The IAC Industries Dimension 4 Ergonomic Workstation is among the top workstations in the industry and offers many benefits. Awarded in 2012 in the Laboratory Equipment Magazine as the "Readers' Choice Award" the IAC Dimension 4 Workstation offers such benefits as modularity, efficiency options, UL listed, flexibility, ESD options, ergonomic design, versatile power options, and much more.

IAC Multi-Flex Bench

The IAC Industries Multi-Flex Workbench or MFB was named after it's ability to adapt to any environment. It features an ergonomic design with a wide variety of accessories and storage options. The IAC Multi-Flex workstation has many benefits such as modular expansion, wide selection of options, single or double sided configuration, 750 lb. load capacity, and much more.

IAC Packaging Station

The IAC Industries Packaging Station addresses all packaging needs within one workstation. It can be outfitted with a wide range of accessories to provide increase productivity in any shipping area. The IAC Packaging Workbench provides many benefits such as adjustable height, 1,000 lb. weight capacity, multiple shelving options, top and bottom hangers, and much more.

IAC Packaging Accessory Workstation

The IAC Industries Packaging Accessory Station is designed for placement adjacent to an existing workbench, conveyor, or anywhere additional storage is needed. It's perfect for holding and organizing a workspace by providing a spot for packaging materials such as rolled paper, wraps, tools, labels, and more. The IAC Packaging Accesory Workstation provides benefits such as mobile 4" casters, 250 lb. weight capacity, rigid steel channel construction, poweder coat finish, and much more.

IAC Workmaster Workbench

The IAC Industries Workmaster Workbench provides a broad selection of easy-to-assemble workstations suitable for any lab or technical environment. This standard line of benches offer a wide variety of drawers, cabinets, mechanical and electrical components. The IAC Workmaster Workstation provides many benefits such as wide range of accessories, 1,500 lb. weight capacity (when evenly distributed), both regular and ESD options, and much more.

IAC Pro Series Workstation

The IAC Industries Pro Series Workstation is ergonomically designed and delivers efficiency and convenience. This height adjustable workbench features a cantilever support system, which houses the hydraulic lifters. The IAC Pro Series Workbench provides many benefits such as ESD options, welded steel frame, 12" worksurface height adjustment, 1.25" thick worksurface with 180° rolled front edge, and much more.