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M+A Matting

M+A Matting (Formerly Andersen Matting)

M+A Matting (formerly Andersen Company) has been a leading producer of high-performance mat products for 40 years. Their many popular brands, such as Waterhog, Comfort Flow, Cushion Max, Hog Heaven, and Happy Feet, serve a number of markets including Janitorial/Sanitary Supply, Safety/Industrial, Food Service, Floor Covering & Commercial Catalog.

Known for innovative, high-quality mat products, M+A Matting's lineup features more than 70 products including: Entrance Mats, Interior Mats, Custom Logo Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Slip-Resistant Mats, Welding-Safe Mats, Anti-Static/Static-Dissipative Matting, Modular & Linkable Mats & more. M+A Matting is located in Dalton GA.

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