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As a subsidiary of GreenField Ethanol (GFE), PHARMCO-AAPER is one of the leading producers of pure and denatured ethanol, high-purity chemicals, and sterile solvents in North America. Their products are used in a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Allied-Health, Food, Flavor, Fragrance, Institutional & General Industrial markets.

Located in Brookfield, CT, PHARMCO-AAPER has three ethanol plants, three packaging facilities, and six on-site quality control laboratories. Furthermore, they possess the capacity to deliver product through their six bulk terminals and nine finished-goods warehouses, all strategically located through the USA.

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PHARMCO-AAPER 231000099PL05 - Isopropyl Alcohol - Clean/Degreaser - IPA 99% - 5 Gal

Brand/Manufacturer: Pharmco-AAPER
Manufacturer Part #: 231000099PL05
SKU: 231000099PL05-P068


PHARMCO-AAPER 231ACS099CSGL - Isopropyl Alcohol Reagent Alcohol - 4 Gallons/Case

Brand/Manufacturer: Pharmco-AAPER
Manufacturer Part #: 231ACS099CSGL
SKU: 231ACS099CSGL-P068

UOM : CS (4 GL)

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