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Contact Cleaners - Electrical Cleaners

Contact cleaners from ACL Staticide, MicroCare Corporation and TechSpray

Your contacts can’t make contact if they’re covered in dirt, grime, and other gunk. Make sure your contacts are clean by using a high-quality contact cleaner. Our contact cleaner should be used regularly as a maintenance product to keep your contacts clear and ready to connect. Contact cleaners are generally less harsh than other electronic cleaners, gently loosening and removing impurities until they can be wiped away.

Quick Cleaning
Contact cleaners are deigned to work quick. Techspray 1632-16S Contact Cleaner G3® is one of our bestselling contact cleaners and is sold in a 16-ounce aerosol can for easy dispensing. The cleaner goes to work quickly once applied and removes oxidation, oil, and other contaminants from surfaces. Contact cleaner spray is designed for use on contacts, but can also be used on other systems like metal switches, motors, relays, generators, edge connectors, buss bars, circuit breakers, scales, and sensors.

Electrical Repair and Maintenance
Dirty contacts can cause a lot of electrical issues. Fortunately, dirty contacts are one of the easiest issues to remedy and can be done using contact cleaner. Oftentimes, faulty contacts can be repaired by simply removing insulative contamination, like oxidation, oil, or chemical residue. A good contact cleaner should leave no residue behind and should be non-corrosive as well as non-flammable. Of course, a good contact cleaner should also go to work quickly, which is true of all of the contact cleaners we sell.

Contact cleaners are just one type of cleaner that we offer. For other cleaning needs, see our collection of chemicals and cleaning products or browse our glass and surface cleaners. We make quick work of your most grueling cleaning tasks. We carry the products and tools you need to tackle all types of projects, including powerful contact cleaners. Browse our contact cleaning solution selection online and order all of your favorite cleaning products.

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Techspray 1632-16S - Contact Cleaner G3® - 16 oz Can

Techspray 1632-16S - Contact Cleaner G3® - 16 oz Can

Brand/Manufacturer: Techspray
Manufacturer Part #: T001-000259
SKU: 1632-16S-T001

List Price: $474.48