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Lubricants - Friction Reduction

Lubricants from ACL Staticide, Chemtronics and MicroCare

Say farewell to friction when you order lubricants from Q Source. The job of a lubricant is to help prevent friction, which can cause unnecessary wear and tear as well as excess heat and resistance. Lubricants are used in a variety of applications and industries ranging from home use to automotive repair and more. When it comes to lubricants, one size does not fit all, which is why Q Source carries a variety of lubricants to choose from, including dry lubricant and resin-type lubricant.

Long-Lasting Friction-Resistance
A good lubricant provides long-lasting friction resistance and all of the lubricants sold at Q Source have been hand-picked for their exceptional ability to help moving parts glide with ease. MicroCare MCC-VDX DuraGlide Dry Lubricant Spray is a great example of a friction-reducing lubricant and the spray-on formula is noted for producing a Teflon-like result. The dripless lubricant works on a variety of surface types and can be used on medical devices and plastics. Because the lubricant is non-flammable, it’s a safer choice than oil-based varieties.

Easy Application
Lubricants are generally designed to be easy to apply. When using a lubricant, you want to make sure that all of the moving parts are thoroughly coated. More product doesn’t always mean more protection and you should read the instructions prior to use. If you happen to apply too much lubricant, you can always clean excess amounts using cleaning supplies from Q Source. When properly applied, all moving parts should glide smoothly and should not generate heat.

When you need high-quality lubricants at affordable prices, you need to shop at Q Source. We carry the most popular lubricants and at fantastic prices. Plus, all of our lubricants are chosen for their performance and high customer satisfaction. Browse our selection online and see why so many people trust us for their lubricating needs.

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GracoRoberts RF2108A-B - Resin - Dual Syringe - 50ml

Brand/Manufacturer: GracoRoberts
Manufacturer Part #: RF2108A/B
SKU: RF2108A-B-E054

List Price: $40.24

MicroCare MCC-VDX - DuraGlide Dry Lubricant Spray - 12 oz.

MicroCare MCC-VDX - DuraGlide Dry Lubricant Spray - 12 oz.

Brand/Manufacturer: MicroCare Corporation
Manufacturer Part #: M028-000092

List Price: $32.14