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ESD Product for Static Control and Personal Grounding

Static control products, and personal grounding products are a must in specialized environments. As a long-time distributor of equipment and supplies designed for commercial industrial assembly and production environments, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted online source for a multitude of static control products and safety solutions for these specialized work environments.

You’ll find a wide selection of products designed to control static and make the workplace safer. These include static bags, air ionizers, and bench and heel grounds. You’ll also find ESD-safe cleaners, aerosols, paints, and ESD floor finishes. Our static control and ESD protection products are sourced from trusted brands like ACL Staticide®, Static Solutions®, Transforming Technologies®, and SCS®.

Q Source is able to special-order static control and ESD products that may not be listed on our website. We can get any size static shield bag you need, whether it’s metal-in or metal-out. We also carry a huge selection of wrist straps, toe and sole grounds, table mats, workstation monitors, and desiccant.

In addition to items such as ESD wrist straps, you can find bulk quantities of smaller but equally important items, such as conductive pens. Protect important information using ESD sheet protectors, and maintain cleanliness with anti-static trash liners.

Additional products in our static control, ESD, and personal grounding lineup include air ionizers, ESD-safe and conductive films, and humidity indicator cards. You’ll also find an array of high-end workstation monitors, with options designed to serve one or two workers at a time.

Q Source helps you create a safer, more efficient, and productive workplace environment. If you have any questions about our static control, ESD products, or personal grounding products, or you don’t see what you need, call 855-944-0693 for assistance. Place your order with Q Source today.

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