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Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum

The VACO22VDC Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum offers 190-watts of cleaning power with low-noise (67 decibels) output. This cordless ULPA vacuum provides immediate containment (perfect for hazardous particulate applications), self-storage, a contained accessories area, built-in full indicator light, and brushless motor.

This cordless vacuum has a 30-minute run time (rechargeable in just one hour), a one-gallon ULPA filter (manufactured with Pentair brand media that is 99.999% efficient at .12 micron and includes three layers of 56 pleat dust/chips-RRP (renovation, repair, and painting)), and a permanent, heavy-duty retention plug.

Atrix Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum

Benefits, Features & Specs

  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 22-volt DC brushless digital motor
  • Applications include hazardous particulate, pest control, and other dry particulate applications where corded vacuums are inconvenient, cumbersome, a safety hazard or simply not an option
  • 20” L (508 mm), 6.25” W (159 mm), 9.25” H (235 mm), 11.20 lb. (5.08 kg)
  • 40 CFM
  • 1-Gallon Dry 56 Pleat, 3 Layer (One Cellulose Layer, Two Glass Layers)

Included Contents
  • VACO22VDC Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum
  • VACOBAT 22-Volt Battery
  • VACOCHG Charger w/3 cords: USA, Euro, UK
  • OF712UL Immediate Containment ULPA Filter Cartridge
  • 730030 Crevice Tool
  • 31652 Crevice Tool Brush D
  • 31657 16” Flexible Gooseneck Tool
  • 31671 10’ Stretch Hose
  • 410017 Disposable Filter Plug
  • AVPA005 Hose End Plug (2)
  • AVPA011 Utility Nozzle
  • AVPA016 Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • AVPA017 Utility Nozzle Brush
  • Permanently Attached Heavy-Duty Filter Plug
  • Built-in, Full Indicator Light