Weller T0052921799 - WXMP Micro-Soldering Iron w/WDH51 Stand - 212°F - 850°F - 12V

Item #: 0052921799-C010

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The Weller T0052921799 Micro-Soldering Iron w/WDH 51 Stand has a very fine, thin profile and perfect for use under a microscope. This iron accepts and must be used with RT MS Series tips and for use with the Weller WX Series stations. This iron features active tip heating technology, which provides many features to the tweezers such as short heating time, best reaction time, engery efficient, and easy quick tip exchange without the use of any tools. It also features a heating element and sensor that are integrated in the front of the tip that lowers the solder joint by a fast response time. With this the service of this item is not in the iron but in the solder the user is using. MS Series tips were designed for users that operate in accordance with MIL-STD-2000 specifications.

WXMP MS Micro-Soldering Set w/WDH51 Stand & RT3MS Tip

Item Specifications

  • Weller
  • Soldering Irons & Handpieces
  • 212-850 Degrees
  • 3.5 lbs per EA

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