Waldmann 112-887-037 - ONE LED Adjustable Angle Light Fixture w/Mounting Bracket

Item #: 112887037-00076065-W009

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Waldmann Lighting Co

The Waldmann 112-887-037 ONE LED Adjustable Angle Light Fixture with Mounting Bracket was developed with the purpose of providing maximum light with a minimal, no-frills housing and designed as an all-purpose, waterproof LED area light, that can be used in the most confined spaces. The body acts as a heat-sink to dissipate heat away from the beam direction. The 112-887-037 provides maximum LED light output using the latest LED chip-array technology and despite its minimal housing design, it can operate at ambient temperatures of up to 120°F or 50°C. It's resistant to shock, vibration, and continuous impact common in production and manufacturing environments. This is ideal for many industrial applications including printing presses, drill presses, machine compartments, and production equipment with minimal space, and high operating temperatures.

ONE LED Adjustable Angle Light Fixture, 1x5 LED 24V DC

Item Specifications

  • 6.4"
  • 50,000 Hours
  • MVAL 1 S
  • 1 lbs per EA

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