Excelta 126-SA - 3-Star S.M.D Fine Tip Tweezers - NEVERUST® - 4.25"

Item #: 126-SA-E003

Product Info

Excelta Corporation

The Excelta 126-SA 3-Star S.M.D Fine Tip Tweezers are made from Excelta's NEVERUST® material and have parallel closing jaws that are useful for routing jumper wires on PC boards. NEVERUST® is an anti-magnetic stainless steel material, which provides excellent resistance to many acids because of the high concentration of molybdenum. This material is Excelta's most popular and is for autoclave sterilization up to 270°C (518°F).

3 Star S.M.D Fine Tip Tweezers NEVERUST - 4.25"

Item Specifications

  • 4.25"
  • Excelta
  • 3-Star
  • Tweezers
  • 0.1 lbs per EA

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