Puritan 1273 BK - Foam Tipped Swab - Soft Oval Tip - Polypropylene Handle - 2.7" - 2 Bags/Case

Item #: 1273-BK-H015

Product Info

Puritan Medical Products Inc
1273 BK

The Puritan 1273 BK Foam Tipped Swab is a non-sterile applicator that has a soft oval foam tip with a polypropylene handle. The tip of this applicator is reticulated 100 PPI foam that is lint- and residue-free, soft, and non-abrasive with good water absorption. It's heat staked to a polypropylene shaft and perfect for industrial applications like applying adhesives or solutions, removing residues and particulates, and general cleaning. The 1273 BK foam tip applicator can be used with IPA and DI water or dry.

The Foam tip material is a medical-grade polyurethane foam that is produced in a sheet form in a range of porosity.

Puritan Medical Products provides custom printing on polypropylene, polystyrene, and nylon material handles. If you would like to add this feature please contact us

Benefits & Features of the Puritan 1273 BK Foam Tipped Swab:

Foam Tipped Swab - Soft Oval Polypro Hndl - 2.7" - 500/Bag 2 Bags/Case

Item Specifications

  • 2 Bags-Case
  • Foam Tipped Swabs
  • Foam
  • 1 lbs per CS

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