Waldmann 138-462-003 - SNE-136 Industrial Task Light - 36W Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 35" Reach

Item #: 138462003-00020895-W009

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Waldmann Lighting Co

The Waldmann 138-462-003 SNE-136 Industrial Task Light provides wide ambient light to small and mid-size work areas requiring bright illumination for precise visual tasks. It's ideal for mounting on to the workstation, bench, or inspection area. It has a long 19" luminaire head designed for a 36W CFL lamp and built-in parabolic micro-grid louver, which directs light downward onto the work area and eliminates glare for the operator. The 35" adjustable, spring-loaded arm provides easy positioning and precise orientation. The 138-462-003 workstation luminaire has a built-in electronic ballast for greater energy efficiency and long life. With its 36-watt compact fluorescent lamp it provides even illumination with maximum light output and excellent color rendering. There is an optional clip-on magnifier lens that is also available, along with Add-X lenses for greater magnification and pinpoint accuracy.

Benefits & Features of the Waldmann 138-462-003 SNE-136 Industrial Task Light:

  • Universal mounting for most benches
  • Plug-in 120V standard power connection
  • CFL lamp provides long lamp life
  • Energy-efficient electronic ballast
  • Parabolic micro-grid louver
  • Designed for easy mounting
  • Clip-on magnifier available
  • Add-X lenses available
  • Ergonomic industrial-grade arm comes complete with flexible spring-loaded base

SNE-136 Industrial Task Light 120V, 1x36W CFL, 5400K

Item Specifications

  • CFL
  • Task Lights
  • Waldmann
  • 7 lbs per EA

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