ASG 15C2A30-2CS - Fiam 15C 2CS Series 0.25" Square 30° Angle Head Pneumatic Nutrunner - Error-Proofing Port - Lever Start - 0.8 to 2 N.m - 2000 RPM

Item #: 15C2A30-2CS-A019

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The ASG 15C2A30-2CS Fiam 15C 2CS Series 30° Angle 0.25" Square Angle Head Pneumatic Nutrunner Ported for Error-Proofing is a fully reversible tool that has an ergonomic design and provides unparalleled reliability and productivity in limited space areas. This driver has a high power to weight ratio that ensures its high performance and a robust angled head that provides long tool life. The 15C2A30-2CS high precision gold standard quality driver delivers full torque for tightening operations and fastener removal and features an oil-less motor that requires less lubrication than standard nutrunners during operation. This model is equipped with a pneumatic pick-up signal port for error-proofing operations and is compatible with Fiam TOM (Torque Operation Monitor) unit (please see accessories tab above).

.25" Square 30Ç Angle Hd Pneu Nutrunner -Error - 0.8-2 NŠm

Item Specifications

  • Fiam 15C Series
  • Lever Start
  • Pneumatic Torque Drivers
  • 0.8-2 N.m
  • 1.54 lbs per EA

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