Plato 175 - PlatoShear Cutter w/Safety Guard

Item #: 175-P005

Product Info

Plato (by Techspray)

The Plato 175 PlatoShear Cutter with Safety Guard has a permanently attached safety guard that reduces the risk of lead fly-off and prevents eye injury.

Assemblers love the effortless shearing action, comfort, and safety of Plato 175 shears. Plato shears use the shear cutting method, which requires 50% less operator effort and extends cutting life. Plato 175 shears have a thin-profile design for hard-to-reach areas in electronic assembly. Handles are cushioned for day-long comfort and automatically spring back to their original position after each use.

Cutter w/Safety Guard

Item Specifications

  • Flush
  • 5.7"
  • Plato (by TechSpray)
  • Wire Cutters
  • 0.25 lbs per EA

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