Puritan 1803-PF - Foam Tipped Swab - Flexible Mini Tip - Polypropylene Handle - 2.813" - 50/Bag

Item #: 1803-PF-H015

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Puritan Medical Products Inc

The Puritan 1803-PF Foam Tipped Swab is a non-sterile applicator that has a flexible mini foam tip with a polypropylene handle. The tip of this applicator is reticulated 100 PPI medical grade foam that is lint- and residue-free, soft, and non-abrasive. It's bonded to a polypropylene shaft with a thermo-plastic adhesive and is perfect for medical and critical environments for tasks like removing epoxy residue from connectors, removing dirt, contamination, or resins, general cleaning, and flux remover. The 1803-PF foam tip applicator can be used with IPA and DI water or dry and meets ISO9001:2008 and FDA GMPs standards.

The Foam tip material is a medical-grade polyurethane foam that is produced in a sheet form in a range of porosity.

Benefits & Features of the Puritan 1803-PF Foam Tipped Swab:

  • Medical grade
  • Soft and non-abrasive
  • Lint and residue free
  • Can be used with IPA and DI water

Polypropylene Cleaning Applic. 3", 50/BG, 20BG/CS

Item Specifications

  • 50-Bag
  • Foam Tipped Swabs
  • Foam
  • 0.1 lbs per BG

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