AIM Solder 21178 - NC254 SAC305 Lead-Free No-Clean Solder Paste - 500g Jar

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The AIM Solder 21178 SAC305 Lead-Free Solder Paste has been developed to offer extremely broad process windows for printing, wetting, and pin probe testing. The superior wetting ability of NC254 material results in bright, smooth, shiny, solder joints. It offers very low post-process residues, which remain crystal clear and probeable even at the elevated temperatures required for today's lead free alloys. AIM NC254 has been shown to reduce or eliminate voiding under micro-BGAs. NC254 also offers high-humidity tolerance and a chemistry developed for use in air reflow. Slump and humidity tolerances found in NC254 extend the solder pastes useable life in facilities where environmental control is not at its optimum.

AIM SAC305 is a lead-free alloy that contains 96.5% tin, 3% silver, and 0.5% copper. This alloy falls under the JEIDA recommendation for lead-free soldering. It may be used with most existing equipment, processes, coatings, and flux chemistries.

SAC305, NC254, No Clean Solder Paste, T3, 89-T3, 500G/Jar

Item Specifications

  • NC254 SAC305
  • 500 g
  • Solder Paste

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