PHARMCO-AAPER 231000099PL05 - Isopropyl Alcohol - Clean/Degreaser - IPA 99% - 5 Gal

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Hazardous Item Please Note: This item is considered Hazardous and a Hazardous Material fee must be added to the order if shipping prepaid service. This item can ONLY ship ground service.

The PHARMCO-AAPER 231000099PL05 Isopropyl Alcohol is packaged in a 5 gallon container.

Isopropyl alcohol 99% (IPA 99%) is widely used in Manufacturing as a common cleaner for sensitive electronics, food manufacturing, Automotive industry and even for personal care products. It is also widely used in the medical field because it sterilizes and disinfects medical equipment and is used for skin treatments and dressing.

General cleaning uses in the removal of:

  • Salts (Iconic Compounds)
  • Metal Residues
  • Rosin Solder Flux
  • Thermal Grease

Other uses of the PHARMCO-AAPER 231000099PL05 Isopropyl Alcohol:

  • Surface Coating Solvent
  • Windshield Washing Additive
  • Reagent to produce Polymers


Isopropyl Alcohol - Clean/Degreaser - IPA 99% - 5 Gallon Container

Item Specifications

  • 5-Gallons
  • 37 lbs per PL

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