Erem 2482E - Series 2400 Full-Flush MagicSense Tip Cutter for PCB Boards - Angled 45° - 5.315"

Item #: 2482E-E021

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The Erem 2482E Series 2400 Full-Flush MagicSense Tip Cutter is a medium-sized cutter that combines robustness, visibility, and accessibility into one cutter. It features improved induction-hardened cutting edges that are made from special tool steel for a long service life. This superior ESD-safe resharpenable cutter also features a non-reflecting surface and ergonomic shaped handle. The 2482E handle is unique with Erems EMOS or maximum opening stop feature that limits the cutting-edge tips from opening more than 5 mm (0.197") and because of this the handle prevents user hand fatigue. The head on this cutter has an internal patented Erem Magic Spring that applies constant spring force and guarantees more than one million operations. It also features a high precision screw joint that provides smooth cutting with no jaw overlapping, which gives a precise cut and reduces shock to components.

Benefits & Features of the Erem 2482E Series 2400 Full-Flush MagicSense Tip Cutter for PCB Boards:

  • Combines robustness, visibility, and accessibility
  • Improved induction-hardened cutting edges
  • Long service life
  • ESD-safe
  • Resharpenable cutter
  • Non-reflecting surface
  • Ergonomic shaped handle
  • Erems EMOS (maximum opening stop) feature
  • Handles prevents user hand fatigue
  • Internal patented Erem Magic Spring
  • High precision screw joint
  • Smooth cutting with no jaw overlapping
  • Precise cut and reduces shock to components

Angled Full Flush Tip Cutter Ergo Handles - 5"

Item Specifications

  • Flush
  • 5.315"
  • Erem
  • 24 Series
  • Wire Cutters
  • 0.2 lbs per EA

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