Aven Tools 26700-230 - HDMI Digital Microscope - HD 1080P Mighty Scope [3x-270x]

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Aven Tools Inc
26700 230, 26700230

The Aven Tools 26700-230 HDMI Digital Microscope is a high magnification microscope that provides a clear, crisp, high-quality image directly to an HDTV or monitor via HDMI cable. This compact digital microscope can be used mounted or handheld and has a mangification that is based in relation to the object being viewed. It features a large focusing control knob and built-in LED brightness control for fine adjustments. The Aven Tools 26700-230 HDMI Digital Microscope also features built-in menu options controlled on-screen settings. This compact yet efficicent digital microscope is perfect for applications where PC use in note feasible such as workbenches with limited space limitations and assembly lines.

Benefits & Features of the Aven Tools 26700-230 HDMI Digital Microscope:

  • Easy to use 6-LED compact & handy analog microscope with HDMI output
  • High resolution magnification at your fingertips
  • Detailed examination of any area you choose
  • Active Pixel Technology produces sharp images and accurate color reproduction
  • LED’s can be turned on or off with brightness control wheel on the body


Mighty Scope HD

Item Specifications

  • 0.002s-10s
  • Automatic
  • 5V/470 mA
  • 1/4" Color Sensor
  • 1080p @60FPS
  • Automatic

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