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Bevco 3850S/5 - Non-Conductive Dual-Wheel Hard Floor Casters - 5-Star Base Models - 5/Set

Bevco 3850S/5 - Non-Conductive Dual-Wheel Hard Floor Casters - 5-Star Base Models - 5/Set
Item #: 3850S-5-B047

Product Info

Bevco Precision Mfg

Make Bevco chairs with standard casters safe for ESD sensitive work environments with supplies of Bevco 3850S/5 Non-Conductive Dual-Wheel Hard Floor Casters. Designed to be used with Bevco 5-Star Base Model chairs, each caster in this set features a strong molded base with two wheels on each end. Precise metal tooling allows for quick and easy installation when necessary. When installed, casters add 1 inch of height to a chair. All casters are safe for use in a cleanroom. Five casters per set.

Available on the following models:

  • 3050C1P, 3350C1P, 3550C1P, 3050C1V, 3350C1V, 3550C1V
  • 4050CR, 4051CR, 4350CR, 4351CR, 4550CR, 4551CR
  • 5050CR, 5051CR, 5350CR, 5351CR, 5550CR, 5551CR
  • 7050, 7051, 7350, 7351, 7550, 7551
  • 7000CR, 7001CR, 7300CR, 7301CR, 7500CR, 7501CR
  • 7000DCR, 7001DCR, 7300DCR, 7301DCR, 7500DCR, 7501DCR
  • 9050MC1, 9051MC1, 9350MC1, 9351MC1, 9550MC1, 9551MC1, 9551MC1, 9050LC1, 9051LC1, 9350LC1, 9351LC1, 9550LC1, 9551LC1
  • 9050MC2, 9051MC2, 9350MC2, 9351MC2, 9550MC2, 9551MC2, 9551MC2, 9050LC2, 9051LC2, 9350LC2, 9351LC2, 9550LC2, 9551LC2
  • 9050MC3, 9051MC3, 9350MC3, 9351MC3, 9550MC3, 9551MC3, 9551MC3, 9050LC3, 9051LC3, 9350LC3, 9351LC3, 9550LC3, 9551LC3
  • 9050MC4, 9051MC4,9350MC4, 9351MC4, 9550MC4, 9551MC4, 9551MC4, 9050LC4, 9051LC4, 9350LC4, 9351LC4, 9550LC4, 9551LC4
  • 3000-P, 3050-P, 3300-P, 3350-P, 3500-P, 3550-P, 3200-P, 3210-P, 3600-P, 3610-P
  • 3000-F, 3050-F, 3300-F, 3350-F, 3500-F, 3550-F, 3200-F, 3210-F, 3600-F, 3610-F
  • 3000-V, 3050-V, 3300-V, 3350-V, 3500-V, 3550-V, 3200-V, 3210-V, 3600-V, 3610-V
  • 3505, 3555
  • 3057, 3357, V3081P, V3081F
  • 4000, 4001, 4300, 4301, 4500, 4501
  • 5000, 5001, 5300, 5301, 5500, 5501
  • 7000, 7001, 7050, 7051, 7300, 7301, 7350, 7351, 7500, 7501, 7550, 7551
  • 7000D, 7001D, 7300D, 7301D, 7500D, 7501D
  • 7000V, 7001V, 7050VS, 7051VS, 7300V, 7301V, 7350VS, 7351VS, 7500V, 7501V, 7550VS, 7551VS
  • 10000, 11300, 11500
  • 9050M-S, 9051M-S, 9350M-S, 9351M-S, 9550M-S, 9551M-S, 9050L-S, 9051L-S, 9350L-S, 9351L-S, 9550L-S, 9551L-S
  • 11000, 11300, 11500

Heavy Item Please Note: Orders of 7-8 chairs may be subject to additional freight charges due to the size and weight. If you are ordering that many chairs an LTL shipping account is recommended or contact us for an LTL freight estimate.


Non-Conductive Dual-Wheel Hard Floor Casters - 5-Star Base Models - 5/Set

Item Specifications

  • Casters
  • Non-Conductive
  • 5 per set
  • 2.00 lbs per ST
List Price: $20.00
Manufacturer Verified Lead Time: Ships Direct within 5 Business Days*

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