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Simco 4006992-01 - Top Gun Ionizing Blow-off Gun w/Foot Pedal Sidekick - 120V

Item #: 4006992-01-I051

Product Info

Simco-Ion Technology Group

Simco 4006992-01 Top Gun Ionizing Blow off Gun is a high-performance ionizing air gun designed for a wide variety of applications. Balanced to 0±15V, the Top Gun features high blow-off force and low air consumption providing high efficiency cleaning and maximum static charge decay. The 120 provides plenty of power and a foot pedal controls airflow and ionization as needed.

Benefits & Features of the Simco 4006992-01 Top Gun Ionizing Blow-off Gun:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Flow control valve for adjustable airflow
  • Electrically balanced ion output
  • Integrated, replaceable filter-nozzle
  • Ionization indicator light
  • Maximum user comfort prevents operator fatigue and increases productivity
  • Protects ESD sensitive components and assemblies
  • Insures air contacting the target area is clean
  • Eliminates the guesswork of ionization at the target area
  • Airflow use that meets the specific application requirements


Top Gun Ionizing Blow-off Gun - 120V - Sidekick - with Foot Pedal

Item Specifications

  • 13.00 lbs per EA
List Price: $1,242.00
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