Simco 4008630 - Aerostat® Guardian™ CR2000 3-Fan Cleanroom Overhead Air Ionizer - 120V/60Hz

Item #: 4008630-I051

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Simco-Ion Technology Group

The Simco 4008630 Aerostat Guardian CR2000 3-Fan Cleanroom Overhead Air Ionizer is designed for use above critical cleanroom applications and is Class 10 compatible. It features a patent circuit that results in balance delivery of positive and negative ions, which ensures that the unit will maintain an ion balance of 0 ±5V.

Unlike some overhead ionizers which link to an external device to provide realtime monitoring, the Guardian CR2000 has sophisticated internal monitoring circuitry which provides assurance that the unit is ionizing and that the balance circuit is functioning.

Aerostat Guardian CR2000 Overhead Ionizer, 120V, 60 Hz

Item Specifications

  • Overhead Air Ionizers
  • Class 10
  • Aerostat Guardian
  • 15 lbs per EA

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