Simco 4011425 - MinION™ 2 Compact Benchtop Ionizer Air Blower w/DC Power Supply - 100-120V to 24VDC

Item #: 4011425-I051

Product Info

Simco-Ion Technology Group

The Simco 4011425 MinION 2 Compact Benchtop Ionizer Air Blower with power supply has been designed to control electrostatic charges in sensitive electronics assembly and automated tool applications requiring stable operation with fast discharge time performance.

The combination of unique, patent features incorporated in this product make it possible for minION2 to deliver industry-leading performance and reliability in a compact package with a practical feature set. Simco steady-state DC corona ion technology (DOCC™) provides patent control circuitry to deliver consist performance.

MinION 2 Compact Benchtop Ionizer, 100/120 VAC

Item Specifications

  • Benchtop Air Ionizers
  • MinION
  • 1.1 lbs per EA

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