Simco 4012212 - orION™ Ionizing Air Nozzle w/Sidekick & Optical Sensor - Hands-Free Stand - 120V

Item #: 4012212-I051

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Simco-Ion Technology Group

The Simco 4012212 orION Ionizing Air Nozzle with Sidekick is equipped with the Optical Sensor which automatically activates the gun when an object is in range. The Optical Sensor has an "adjustable range" from 1" - 30".

The orION Ionizing Air Nozzle provides high performance and reliability in a compact, compressed air nozzle. It has been designed for use in fixed applications on manufacturing lines, equipment, and tool applications in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and medical device manufacturing industries. The orION features high blow-off force capability combined with fast removal of electrostatic surface charge. Reliable balance stability is maintained at better than 0±15 Volts. An easily replaceable 0.01 micron particle filter is positioned at the nozzle air exit to provide the highest confidence that clean air is delivered to sensitive product. A foot pedal controls both ionization and airflow, which reduces compressed air costs. The flexible gun mount allows the orION operator to focus the ionization airflow where needed.

Benefits & Features of the Simco 4012212 orION™ Ionizing Air Nozzle w/Sidekick & Optical Sensor:

  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Fast charge neutralization
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional flexible neck stand and a foot switch to activate the orION nozzle
  • Hands-free operation
  • Optical Sensor included


orION Ionizing Air Nozzle 120V, Sidekick, Optical Sensor

Item Specifications

  • Air Ionizer Nozzles
  • orION
  • 7 lbs per EA

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