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ACL Staticide 6400Q - Staticide ESD Safety Shield - Quart

ACL Staticide 6400Q - Staticide ESD Safety Shield - Quart
Item #: 6400Q-A008

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The ACL Staticide 6400Q Staticide ESD Safety Shield is an easy-to-use protective coating solution for plastics. ACL Staticide presents a family of coatings that give long-lasting protection as well as ease of use and will not wash off with water as an anti-stat would. Topical anti-stats are biodegradable and need reapplication after a few weeks whereas Staticide ACL Staticide 6400Q provides dependable protection by allowing static to dissipate at a safe rate regardless of relative humidity and without reapplication. The advanced formulas are blended from durable polymer materials that are safe to use in ESD controlled environments where contamination is a concern. These single-coat systems are flexible enough for soft plastics like tubing, clamshell protective packaging, carrying trays and lids and they dry with a see-through clarity that surpasses any ambient cure coating on the market. Easy to apply, ACL Staticide 6400Q can be brushed, dipped, or sprayed and provides excellent adhesion to a variety of plastics without any special cure treatment. So defend your plastic parts, bins and shelving against static with Staticide Static Dissipative Coating because when it comes to static, ACL Staticide has you covered.

Benefits & Features of the ACL Staticide 6400Q Staticide ESD Safety Shield:

  • Static dissipative - Provides a surface resistivity of 106 - 107 ohms/sq.
  • Translucent - Perfect for viewing ports on machines
  • Durable - Doesn't chip or peel and is able to withstand normal handling without scratching
  • Adhesion - Bonds to a variety of plastics
  • Customize - Special formulations available for lower resistance and complex plastics
  • No contaminates - No silicone, No chlorides
  • Easy to apply - No special equipment necessary
  • Easy to use - No special drying requirements


Staticide ESD Safety Shield - Quart

Item Specifications

  • ESD-Safe
  • Staticide
  • Quart
  • 3.00 lbs per QT
List Price: $184.00
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