ASG 64200 - CL-6000-PS Electric Driver - 1.7-8.8 lbf/in - 0.25" Hex Drive - 800 RPM - Push-to-Start

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PLEASE NOTE: The PS-55 Power Supply is not recommended for torque requirements that exceed 15 lbf/in.

The ASG 64200 CL-6000-PS Electric Driver is for standard to medium torque applications using #1 to #10 screws (2.0 mm to 5.0 mm). The CL-6000-PS Electric Driver reduces CAM OUT and excessive bit wear. This driver is ideal for high production applications. You can speed production and help reduce potential damage to workpiece or fasteners with ASG's Push-to-Start Electric Screwdrivers such as the ASG 64200 CL-6000-PS. Because only about 3.5 lbs. of downward pressure is needed to start the tool, the force helps prevent cam out due to insufficient axial pressure when driving a fastener. Push-to-Start tools are ideal where fastener head damage is a problem.

Benefits & Features of the ASG 64200 CL-6000-PS Electric Driver:

  • Standard to medium torque applications
  • #1 to #10 screws (2.0 mm to 5.0 mm)
  • Low-RPM models for low-speed applications
  • 6' detachable cord
  • Brush-type design
  • Torques are adjusted externally
  • Tamper-proof torques available

CL-6000 Push-to-Start Screw- Driver, 1.7-8.5, 8.5"L

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