ASG 64280 - A-5000 Electric Driver - 3.5-10 lbf/in - 4 mm Drive - Lever Start

Item #: 64280-A019

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FREE POWER SUPPLY OFFER: Get the ASG PS-55 Power Supply for free with the purchase of this ASG driver. When you add the driver to your shopping cart use Coupon Code ASGFREEPS55.

PLEASE NOTE: The PS-55 Power Supply is not recommended for torque requirements that exceed 15 lbf/in.

The ASG 64280 A-5000 Electric Driver is the solution for your medium to light torque applications using #0 to #4 screws (1.4 mm to 3.0 mm). Also its part of the Alpha-series (A-series) which feature a rare-earth magnet for more power. ASG's Alpha Series High-Speed Electric Screwdrivers such as the ASG 64280 A-5000 Electric Driver provides considerably higher RPM ranges than corresponding CL-Series tools. In addition, they provide slightly higher torque ranges. For maximum performance and efficiency use the recommended power packs for the right drivers.

A-5000 4.0mm Electric Driver

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