ASG 65577 - BLG-5000-OPC20 Inline 4 mm Brushless Electric Driver - Push-to-Start/Lever Start - 2.6-7 lbf·in

Item #: 65577-A019

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The ASG 65580 BLG-4000XBC-1 Inline 0.25" Hex Brushless Electric Driver is a world class gold quality brushless driver that was designed for medium to light torque applications. This driver features an anti-static plastic body making it perfect for use around static sensitive components. The 65580 eliminates carbon dust, which is perfect for clean rooms and has excellent flexibility for small fasteners or vacuum pick-up applications. The BC-1 attached to the model number means that this unit has a built-in screw counter.

BLG-5000-OPC20 Brushless DC Electric Tor

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