SCS 751 - EOS/ESD Audit Kit

Item #: 751-S036

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SCS, A Division Desco Industries, Inc

The SCS 751 EOS/ESD Audit Kit provides the most comprehensive portable instruments to offer an effective way to detect ESD events and help prevent component failures. This kit goes beyond making the test measurements defined in ANSI/ESD S20.20 and detecting harmful energy/EOS levels identified by IPC-A-610E. It will measure or detect work surface and flooring resistance, electro-static fields, air ionizer static decay rate and ion balance, integrity of facility and equipment ground, ESD events, electro-static overstress (OSS), and electro-magnetic interference (EMI).

EOS/ESD Audit Kit

Item Specifications

  • ESD-EOS Audit Test Kits
  • 26 lbs per EA

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