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SCS, A Division Desco Industries, Inc

The SCS 790 Static Monitor is a cost-efficient unit that measures the voltage potential on a person referenced to earth ground. Static is generated all around us through simple movements, such as walking from one workstation to another, or pulling tape from a dispenser. A static charge build up can measure several hundred volts and damage microelectronic components, which can cause these components to fail when installed in computers, cell phones and other devices. To prevent static build up SCS (3M) has designed the SCS (3M) 790 Static Monitor to constantly monitor static build up. Housed in static dissipative plastic, this monitor uses a slide switch allowing the user to select thevoltage level necessary for the specific job function being performed. This unit may also be mounted at individual workstations, and at auto insertion equipment used in contract manufacturing facilities. An operator simply inserts a dual conductor ground cord into one of the input jacks located on the monitor while working on an integrated circuit device handler.

Static Monitor

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