Wearwell 793.HG - Heel Grounder - One-Size-Fits-All - Gray

Item #: 793HG-T002

Product Info

Wearwell, Inc

The Wearwell 793.HG Heel Grounder is made for workers wearing insulative shoes, the heel grounder allows static electricity to pass from the worker to the ESD matting or flooring. One size 'fits all' and the Velcro loop allows for easy attachment. Allow the fabric strip to touch the workers skin for best performance.

Benefits & Features of the Wearwell 793.HG Heel Grounder:

  • Allows static electricity to pass from worker to ESD matting or floor
  • Easy attachment

Heel Grounder w/1 Megohm Resistance

Item Specifications

  • Gray
  • Conductive
  • Heel Grounders
  • 0.05 lbs per EA

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