Puritan 817 - Proctoscopic Applicator - Rayon Oversized Firm Tip - Polypropylene Handle - 16" - 500/Case

Item #: 817-H015

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Puritan Medical Products Inc

The Puritan 817 Proctoscopic Applicator is a non-sterile applicator that has an oversized firm rayon tip with a polypropylene handle. This extra-absorbent USP grade rayon fiber is carded on-site to maintain consistency. This multi-use swab has medical grade quality and is perfect for environments such as medical, diagnostics, and veterinary for task like OB/GYN preparation & exminations, gynecological cleaning, laboratory cell research, and cell collection in veterinary applications. 817 swab is autoclavable up to 250°F and is CE marked for medical use while meeting ISO9001:2008 and FDA GMP's standards.

The rayon tip material is a synthetic spun fiber made from wood pulp. This soft and absorbent material is much like cotton and is an economical choice for applications that cotton swabs would not be suitable. It's widely used for specimen collection. While it is produced from natural material, the manufacturing process eliminates any components that may damage the specimen or interfere with transport and/or processing. Puritan Medical Products only purchases the finest-grade spun rayon fiber in bales and then cards it themselves to assure the quality of the material is up to their standards.

Puritan Medical Products provides custom printing on polypropylene, polystyrene, and nylon material handles. If you would like to add this feature please contact us

Benefits & Features of the Puritan 817 Proctoscopic Applicator:

Proctoscopic Appl - Rayon Tip Polypro Handle - 16" - 500/Cs

Item Specifications

  • 500-Case
  • Rayon Tipped Swabs
  • Rayon
  • 8 lbs per CS

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